Hi. Welcome to the Wonderful World of SK Golf. My website is formatted and easy to read like a David Letterman Top 10 list.

My career is split into so many facets as a PGA professional in the golf business. I have had two careers in my life, summer Golfer from Junior to Pro and winter Hockey player from Pee Wee to Pro. That's why my Happy Gilmore look in my show is the combo of my two sports. And when I put on the SKATES to hit shots, I'm living my two talents in one. (If I could have worn my skates on Tour I would have made more PUTTS.. ha ha.)

As you scan my site check out my resume of Top 10's.
  • Director of Golf at some fine golf clubs in Canada & Australia
  • Teacher of the Year award winner, Coach Kurceba at the golf schools that I worked for around the world.
  • "The Pilot of the Little White Moon" (the Golf Ball). I had 20 years of chasing my ball on the Australian, New Zealand & Canadian Tours.
  • And throughout my life in golf, I developed shots through teaching, playing and hitting 1000's of golf balls into a corporate trick shot show.
  • As I put my SKATES on and the Happy Gilmore look, I will entertain you with a FUN FILLED GOLF SHOW
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The Pilot of the Little White Moon
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